The client is an insurance company offering multiple types
of insurance policies to its customers

Problems faced by them

  • The workflow of the client’s business model was automated through Salesforce. For every new insurance policy, a completely new interface had to be designed on Salesforce, requiring the client to hire salesforce professionals for every new insurance policy.
  • Therefore, Salesforce was no longer an economical solution for the client. A further requirement for the client was to streamline user-wise access to the database and migrate all the business data from Salesforce to Odoo ERP using a connector.

Business Challenges

A custom Odoo ERP backend was needed so that new policies could be added easily in the future without requiring a developer's help. In order to do this, our Odoo Implementation Team had to provide a dynamic view where the client could easily add different policies without relying on any external resources.


We developed a one-way connector to assist the client in easily migrating their Salesforce business data to Odoo ERP.
Next, to overcome another challenge, our team integrated a dynamic view into Odoo ERP as a means of adding existing and new insurance policies effortlessly. Our approach also included a field-level access feature so that the data could be displayed according to the level of access granted to the user; this wasn't possible in Salesforce.



The client easily migrated to Odoo ERP with flawless migration from Salesforce to Odoo ERP without facing any data loss. Moreover, the client can easily create multiple views without relying on any other resource. Based on the client's expectations, we delivered a cost-effective solution with a centralized workflow and improved time efficiency.

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