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Project Name

Multivendor Magento 2 Extension on Magento Marketplace

Magento 2, PHP, jQuery, JavaScript, Knockout.js, XML


Required to develop a robust and scalable ecosystem that allows multiple vendors to sell their products on a single Magento website. The platform provides a seamless circuit of Vendor-Customer interaction and allows sellers to sell various products from multiple vendors. By building this ecosystem, we aim to create a thriving marketplace that benefits all parties involved.

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The key challenges faced by our developers during the development of the marketplace were:

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  • Our challenge was to develop a secured and user-friendly vendor portal where vendors could add products, attributes, and categories to manage orders without giving permission to the admin area.
  • Another key challenge faced by the team was managing the number of suppliers, including adding new ones, maintaining product catalogs, and overseeing sales and commissions. To overcome this challenge, we required a robust and scalable solution that could streamline supplier management and allow smooth operations.
  • Generally, multi-vendor markets face competition from other marketplaces and independent e-commerce websites that may hinder their development and success. For this, our developers required strategic planning and the implementation of innovative solutions that could offer unique selling propositions and stay ahead in the crowded e-commerce market.

Our Solution

  • Our developers created a separate vendor portal area that had the same kind of functionality as the main website. With this, we ensured that vendors could work seamlessly while using the portal.
  • We implemented a complete control system for each step on the admin side, which allowed administrators to manage every aspect of the e-commerce website.
  • Added functionality for product attribute creation and request functionality through which vendors can create and manage product attributes. This solution allowed vendors to customize the product listings with unique attributes that make their products attractive to buyers.
  • We implemented employee functionality that allowed vendors to add employees. It provides seamless flexibility and control to manage their business on the platform.


Finally, the Multivendor Magento 2 Extension has been developed and used by the vendors. This extension provided a seamless user experience that makes it stand apart in the multi-vendor marketplace and keeps people coming back. This innovative solution ultimately contributed to the success of our multi-vendor e-commerce platform.

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