Project Name

Odoo Implementation Solution for Business Automation

Odoo, Python


Our client belongs to the e-commerce industry and sells LEDs to their customers. The entire data, along with orders, commission cost, warranty period, monitoring the website, and inventory, is maintained by the sales team manually, This takes too much time for the sales team to maintain records for multiple operations. They were searching for an automated solution for managing their business processes.



Our client is facing several challenges, including:

  • Issue in determining the exact warranty period and commission cost for every sales order.
  • Another challenge was maintaining the massive data for bulky sales orders when it came to B2B leads.
  • Monitoring repetitive manual tasks and avoiding record duplication came as a specific challenge.
  • The major circumstance was to calculate the profit from that lead, as the client needed to coordinate the sales data manually with accounting, which took a lot of time and effort.

Our Solution

The Ksolves team provided a comprehensive solution to the client that included the right step-by-step process and is mentioned below:

  • First, our team analyzed the entire data of our client and then implemented the Odoo customization solution according to the client’s business flow.
  • This creates the right approach for the client, where leads just need to fill out the form, and if confirmed, a quotation can be created.
  • As a challenge arose to determine the commission from each lead, the Ksolves team developed an Odoo solution that fulfilled the need for a management form within the lead form. This will help the sales team enter the margin, and the system will calculate the possible margin.
  • Hence, with the import and export option that is incorporated into the lead form, it becomes possible for the client to add every product to the quotation, which resolves their tedious process.


With the right Odoo customization solution, we solved the challenges faced by our clients in the e-commerce LED sales industry. By automating the processes, including warranty determination, commission calculation, and inventory management, it becomes possible to streamline the business processes. Our customized Odoo solution not only saves time and effort but also improves accuracy and efficiency in managing sales data. With Ksolves implementation solution, our clients can now work on growing their business insights and enjoy the automated business process.

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