The client is a company that sells LEDs through e-commerce, with one sales team monitoring the website and inventory, so they have to manually maintain records for both operations.

Project Size - 2 FTE


Problems faced by them

  • The client had a major issue in determining the warranty period and commission cost over every sales order. When it came to B2B leads, the client encountered challenges with maintaining data for bulky sales orders.
  • In addition, the client's business workflow consisted of many repetitive manual tasks, making it much more challenging for them to monitor deadlines and avoid duplicating records.

Business Challenges

Whenever a lead was created, the client did not have any computation to calculate the profit from that lead. Moreover, the client had to manually coordinate the sales data with the accounting team.



  • The client expressed a desire for a qualitative and automated workflow, and we chose Odoo Implementation as a viable solution after taking into consideration all the computational challenges that the client faced.
  • The implementation of Odoo streamlined the work management process and automated all manual tasks along with effectiveness in functioning. It is now possible for the client to manage all aspects of their organization effectively with full reliability, leading to greater sales efficiency and marked improvement in productivity.



According to the needs of the client, we developed an Odoo solution customized to their business workflow. Initially, the lead needs to be filled out on a sales form, and if confirmed, a quotation can be created.


In order to determine the commission from each lead, we designed a requirement management form within the lead form where the sales team can enter the margin they would like, and the system will calculate the possible margin.


In the case of bulky orders, the client had to add every product into the quotation which was a very tedious process. To overcome this problem, we incorporated an import and export option into the lead form, where the sales team can directly enter all of the products and the system will automatically generate a sales order with a relevant margin.

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