Project Name

Odoo Solution to Streamline Manufacturing and Inventory Management

Odoo, XML, CSS, Python


Our client was running their manufacturing business that provides their customers with wires and other electronic equipment. They are facing challenges in their operations, primarily stemming from the use of two separate systems for managing manufacturing requests, material requests, and purchase orders. They were seeking a more streamlined and efficient solution to consolidate these processes and improve the document management system.



  • Two separate systems caused inefficiencies and data isolation in manufacturing and materials management.
  • Integrating OneDrive documents into Odoo was essential for document access.
  • Enabling camera-based document capture for invoices directly into Odoo.
  • Document tagging for manufacturing products improved accessibility.
  • Managing product availability and efficient shortage handling were priorities.
  • Streamlined material requests and shortage allocation from purchase orders were crucial.
  • Achieving flexibility in completing manufacturing orders, without sub-manufacturing orders, was a key objective.

Our Solution

We have provided a comprehensive solution to our clients that is:

  • We simplified operations with streamlined access rights and user groups in a unified Odoo system, eliminating the need for multiple systems.
  • Developed a script to seamlessly connect Odoo with OneDrive, facilitating document access and attachment within Odoo.
  • Enhanced sales and purchase orders with document capture capabilities, enabling users to store images directly in Odoo.
  • Introduced a product-level document upload feature with tagging for improved document organization and visibility on work orders.
  • Customized BOM operations to manage concurrent and individual processes, optimizing manufacturing.
  • Implemented a transfer function on work orders for seamless product movement between work orders and location adjustments.
  • Disabled automatic reservations on manufacturing orders and added "Add," "Remove," and "Shortage" buttons for manual component management systems, including shortage handling.
  • Streamlined material request and purchase order processes, allowing for efficient shortage allocation based on priority.
  • Designed the system to support partial manufacturing order completion without the need for sub-manufacturing orders.
  • Enabled the smooth transfer of completed products from the last work order to the stock location with efficient move-splitting and transfer processes.

Data Flow Diagram



The implemented solutions delivered substantial benefits to the client’s operations. They achieved improved efficiency and streamlined processes by consolidating into a single system. Unique sequences and streamlined shortage and transfer procedures facilitated easier tracking and reporting. Additionally, the Material Request screen enabled comprehensive reporting on shortages and allocations, ultimately benefiting the purchase team. Most notably, the solutions significantly reduced manual effort, simplifying the linking of purchase orders and material requests, and thus enhancing overall operational efficiency.

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