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Project Name

Handling Complex Material Handling Operations With Salesforce Service Cloud

Salesforce, Apex


Our client works as an industry leaders in providing the solution to consumers for facility maintenance, loading docks & doors, material handling, and power management. Their main aim is to span themselves worldwide in all sizes and are known for their safer delivery, higher uptime, and cost-effective equipment solutions.



Frame 77
  • Our client was facing issues in managing the critical facilities across the US through a service cloud-based application.
  • The complexity of handling multiple material and non-material based work orders comes out as a significant challenge.

Our Solution

Our team provided a comprehensive solution to our client that includes:

  • Our team has taken their initiative with the improvement journey. We facilitated the integration of new Salesforce features that customize the Salesforce platform to align with their unique needs and manage the complexities arising.
  • We introduced the Salesforce configuration management tools such as GIT and assisted with release management that ensures a seamless and controlled deployment process.
  • After understanding the Quality assurance issues, our team started handling the entire spectrum of regression test cases that helps to redirect the focus towards the quality-intensive development.
  • With Salesforce Facility Maintenance Integration Solutions, it becomes possible to channelizing the sales funnel and streamlining their overall process handling


This Salesforce Facility Maintenance case study showcases how our team provide tailored solutions to our client that help them to tackle the issues and also provide them a right solution to improve their efficiency, quality, and overall business performance. With Ksolves, client get a comprehensive refurbishment of their operations that aligns the Salesforce CRM process optimization with modern best practices and set the stage for sustainable growth.

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