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Project Name

Payment Gateway

Magento 2, PHP, jQuery, JavaScript, Knockout.js, XML


The client had a UK-based payment gateway company that provided its services to European customers. The company provided certain credits and rewards to customers who used its payment gateway, which generated revenue for them. The client approached us to develop an extension that would offer payment gateway features on the Magento-based websites. Additionally, the client required an on-site messaging (OSM) feature to showcase the potential credits that customers could earn by using the payment gateway.

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The project posed several challenges:

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  • The primary challenge was integrating the payment gateway software development kit (SDK) and its third-party JavaScript dependencies into the Magento website.
  • Another challenge was updating the transaction status in real-time on the Magento e-commerce website, as some transactions might take longer than others to complete.
  • Overriding the checkout page to add the payment gateway option was a challenge.
  • Ensuring that the order processing is resumed after the transaction was completed in the client's iframe.

Our Solution

Our developers provided a comprehensive solution to address the challenges faced by the client:

  • The payment gateway was added as an available option on the customer checkout and Magento's create order screen.
  • Configuration fields were added to control the payment gateway and on-site messaging behavior and view.
  • Various pages like cart, mini cart, and product detail pages were overridden, and the required on-site messaging (OSM) tags were added to display the potential credits a user could earn.
  • All third-party dependencies of the shared SDK were integrated.
  • A checkout was created using the client API, which was used in the client's iframe to process the transaction.
  • An open webhook was created to allow real-time updates of the transaction status on the Magento website.


We have successfully developed a payment gateway that can seamlessly integrate with any Magento system. This easy-to-install package can be quickly configured and grants users the ability to make payments with ease. After passing all reviews conducted by Adobe, the extension has been published on the Magento marketplace. This ensures that users can trust the quality and reliability of the payment gateway, and confidently make transactions through their Magento store.

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