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Render VF page as PDF in LWC

Information Technology
Salesforce, LWC


Our client approached us with a specific challenge: they required a solution for rendering Lightning Web Components (LWC) as PDFs within their Salesforce environment. Their main goal was to overcome the challenges associated with integrating LWC into Salesforce. They are in search of a seamless way to address these obstacles and streamline their processes effectively.



Frame 76
  • Facing the challenge of rendering the LWC as PDF pages.
  • Facing issues integrating a PDF view with standard functionalities like print and download into an LWC Component.
  • The client is facing difficulty in sending the rendered PDF as an email attachment to customers.

Our Solution

Our developers devised a comprehensive solution that effectively tackled the challenges encountered by the client:

  • To address this, our developer implemented a pop-up model in Lightning Web Component (LWC).
  • Within the popup model, our developers utilized Lightning cards and Lightning card items to display various sections of content.
  • Ksolves developers fulfilled the client's requirement by embedding the rendered PDF Visualforce Page inside a Lightning card using an iframe.
  • To send the PDF as an attachment, developers inserted it as a Content Document and used the Email Message class for sending.
  • We have successfully helped them to integrate the PDF Visualforce page into a Lightning Web Component (LWC) pop-up model.

Data Flow Diagram



In conclusion, the implemented functionality of viewing the PDF page within the Lightning Web Component (LWC) pop-up model offers an optimized solution for our client’s needs. This approach eliminates the need to redirect users to a separate Visualforce page, providing a seamless and efficient experience. The integration of the PDF rendering and email attachment capabilities further strengthens the application’s overall utility, making it a comprehensive and effective solution for our client’s requirements.

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