Project Name

Revitalization of Inventory in Retail Industry

Angular, Python, Android, iOS


Our Client is a leading provider of inventory and auditing solutions in the retail industry. Their comprehensive offerings include app-based inventory solutions and web dashboards that empower retailers to conduct timely and efficient inventory counts. Operating in a dynamic market, our client plays a crucial role in enhancing inventory management for retailers, ensuring accuracy and efficiency.



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  • The vendor's deliverables fell short of expected quality standards, raising doubts about the reliability and performance of our client retail inventory management and auditing solutions.
  • Significant gaps in communication between our client and the vendor resulted in misunderstandings, contributing to confusion and a lack of clarity regarding project requirements.
  • High levels of dependency on the previous vendor created bottlenecks, impeding the seamless progression of the project and limiting client’s control over key aspects.
  • The project exhibited instability with persistent delays in releases, disrupting the planned development timeline and creating uncertainties in project management.
  • Insufficient documentation practices by the vendor left client with a dearth of comprehensive project records, making it challenging to manage and maintain the solution efficiently.

Our Solution

Our team has provided a comprehensive solution to our client that include:

  • Upon assuming control of the project, our team promptly tackled the diverse issues faced by our client, ensuring a seamless transition from the previous vendor.
  • Our team quickly grasped the nuances of mobile and web development, AWS infrastructure, APIs, and database management, forming the foundation for effective problem-solving and project enhancement.
  • Collaboratively, our developers and quality analysts improved existing processes, implementing efficiency measures to streamline both development and testing workflows, fostering a more productive and structured environment.
  • We introduced and guided the client in integrating project and test management tools, minimizing dependencies and enhancing overall project transparency, ensuring a more organized and informed decision-making process.
  • Implementing a robust release management strategy, we successfully mitigated delays, ensuring the timely and predictable release of updates, ultimately reducing the time-to-market for our client application.

Data Flow Diagram



Our team played a crucial role in turning around our client’s project, taking it from an unstable state to a well-organized and efficient system. We tackled issues such as delayed releases, process deficiencies, and quality concerns, successfully navigating these challenges. The client’s understanding of both the functional and technical aspects of the product saw a significant improvement, contributing to enhanced project delivery, improved quality, and increased client satisfaction. The collaborative efforts between our team and our client established a successful partnership, positioning them for continued success in the retail inventory solutions market.

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