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Project Name

Revolutionize Salesforce Loan Application With Gpay Integration

Salesforce, Apex, LWC


Our client, a financial institution specializing in loans and financing, had a critical need to enhance the customer experience by allowing users to apply for loans directly through the Google Pay (GPay) app. The objective was to enable customers to complete the entire loan application process independently without requiring assistance from sales personnel. This initiative aimed to streamline the loan application process and provide a seamless digital experience for users.



The client faced several challenges while trying to implement this new feature:

Frame 76
  • Gathering user data from the GPay app was a primary challenge. The client needed a reliable method to collect and transfer this data to their Salesforce platform.
  • The client anticipated a high volume of users applying for loans through the GPay app, necessitating an efficient load management system to handle concurrent requests.
  • To ensure data integrity, it was crucial to have a mechanism in place that would not result in data loss in case of system issues or bugs.

Our Solution

We have given them a Salesforce Integration solution that solves all the hurdles that are:

  • We used Platform Events to collect loan application data process optimization from the GPay app when users clicked "submit".
  • Our team divided the loan application process for digital transformation into smaller steps using child platform events and 10 handler classes, ensuring efficient load distribution.
  • We created a custom object in Salesforce to securely store the data. In case of errors, data was marked as "failed".
  • Users were provided with a custom button to reprocess failed data, preventing data loss.
  • The Salesforce Integration solutions streamlined the loan application digital transformation process, enabling customers to apply independently.
  • The system minimized the need for sales assistance, enhancing the customer experience.

Data Flow Diagram



By implementing Platform Events in this Google Pay integration Case Study, we successfully met the client’s objective of enabling customers to apply for loans through the GPay Integration app independently. This solution streamlined the loan application process, reduced the reliance on sales personnel, and improved the overall customer experience. The use of child platform events for load management and data recovery mechanisms ensured the system’s reliability and robustness. Overall, this project demonstrated our ability to address complex challenges and deliver a solution that significantly benefited the client and their customers.

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