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Project Name

SaaS Implementation for eLearning Platform

Odoo, Docker, AWS EC2, JS, Python


Our client’s vision was to create an eLearning platform with extra features and provide it as a subscription-based product to the end users. This requires a SaaS-based implementation of our software so each end user gets their own e-commerce platform where they can sell, and manage their courses additionally, we also provide them with marketing and CRM features. We also enhanced the UI/UX of Odoo modules to make the platform more user-friendly.



The client encountered a series of challenges:

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  • The client wants to provide separate instances for end users.
  • The client wants to implement a subscription feature for eLearning courses.
  • The client was not happy with the Odoo Backend UI (menus and views).
  • Server Maintenance is critical to manage all the instances.
  • The client wants to provide multiple dynamic templates for eLearning courses.
  • The client wants to debrand Odoo and create a new brand of her own.

Our Solution

Our developers provided a comprehensive solution to address the challenges faced by the client:

  • Implement the SaaS infrastructure model to provide separate instances to end users.
  • Implement an eLearning-specific subscription module to manage eLearning subscriptions.
  • Customization of the Odoo Backend UI to make it more user-friendly and also to debrand Odoo.
  • ChatGPT integration with Odoo for an automated chatbot to help users during the course creation process.
  • Implement dynamic eLearning course templates.
  • Set up automatic alerts to monitor the server resources being consumed by the end users.

Data Flow Diagram



The successful implementation of the SaaS infrastructure model has significantly transformed our client’s vision into reality. By providing separate instances to end users through the SaaS infrastructure, we ensured a seamless and personalized user experience, enhancing user satisfaction and engagement. In summary, these strategic implementations not only met the client’s requirements but also exceeded expectations by creating a robust, user-friendly, and innovative eLearning platform. With these enhancements, our client is well-equipped to provide an exceptional learning experience to their users, leading to increased user retention, higher engagement, and ultimately, business growth.

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