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Project Name

Salesforce CPQ Implementation For Streamlining Product Configuration Strategies

Salesforce CPQ, Lightning Web Components, Apex


Our client is a leading player in the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) industry, specializing in tailored solutions and cutting-edge products. Striving for efficiency and accuracy, they approached us with a challenge in their quoting procedures, currently reliant on error-prone Excel Sheets within the Salesforce platform.



Frame 75
  • Incorrect selections within product bundles led to frequent revisions, causing time inefficiency and stress.
  • Sales representatives often made errors in selecting dependent items, resulting in incorrect deliveries and customer dissatisfaction.
  • The use of Excel sheets for quote creation, while flexible, introduced errors and lacked uniformity, impacting overall reliability.
  • The challenge extended beyond configuring CPQ in that it required a shift in mindset towards adopting a system-driven quotation process within Salesforce.

Our Solution

We have provided them with a comprehensive solution that includes:

  • We have implemented Salesforce CPQ Lightning Web Component development for a Product Configuration feature. Sales representatives can now view a Configurator Summary during the quote creation, ensuring accurate product selection and eliminating errors.
  • Also, we have Introduced a Guided Selling system in the quote creation process, prompting Sales representatives to provide accurate responses.
  • Based on their inputs, the system recommends the correct product configuration in Salesforce, simplifying the selection process and ensuring error-free quotes.
  • Our team leveraged Price Rules, Product Rules, and Advance Approval Processes to aggregate and consolidate data from multiple sheets within Salesforce CRM Industry Solutions. This ensures a cohesive presentation and minimizes errors in quotations.

Data Flow Diagram



Through the strategic implementation of the Salesforce CPQ Case study, Lightning Web Components, and Apex Class, we not only addressed the technical challenges but also instigated a mindset shift toward a more efficient and error-free quotation process. The outcome reflects a successful integration of advanced technologies to meet the client’s specific needs, resulting in a more streamlined and reliable quoting system.

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