Project Name

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Set Up for
Banking & Financial Services

SFMC, Journey Builder, Email Studio, Social Studio


Our client belongs to the financial and banking industry. They faced challenges in managing synchronized contact and response history, executing effective multi-channel communication, and seamlessly integrating data from their warehouse to the cloud without relying on their IT team.



  • Our client was facing an issue in the synchronization of contacts and response history.
  • Issue in Multi-Channel Communication.
  • They cannot create and sync data from data warehouse integration directly to the Cloud without IT.

Our Solution

Our team implemented Salesforce Marketing Cloud (SFMC) to address these challenges comprehensively

  • Leveraging SFMC's Journey Builder, our solution enabled the client to design customer journeys across multiple channels, ensuring personalized interactions through email, SMS, push notifications, and social ads.
  • Email Studio and Social Studio for banking facilitated relationship-building by designing tailored email marketing and social media campaigns. This helped convert potential leads into valuable customers, enhancing customer engagement.
  • Our implementation of Mobile Studio empowered the client to take action through SMS, push notifications, and group messaging systems, expanding their reach and communication capabilities.
  • Utilizing Analytics Builder, real-time reports and statistics were generated, providing insights into website visits, email campaign performance, social media profiles, and lead tracking at each stage of the process.

Data Flow Diagram

dc 1


Hence, we have successfully implemented Salesforce Marketing Cloud which emerged as a pivotal solution, offering the client a platform to develop personalized banking marketing automation strategies. By overcoming challenges in data synchronization, multi-channel communication, and data integration, the client now enjoys the benefits of enhanced financial services customer engagement, and efficient campaign execution.

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