Project Name

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Set Up for Social Media Networking Platforms

SFMC, Journey Builder, Email Studio, Social Studio, Data Extensions


Our client belongs to the Social Media Networking Service industry. They are facing challenges in the synchronization of contact and response history, and also multi-channel communication, and direct data synchronization from the data warehouse to the cloud without IT involvement.



  • The client needed a solution to streamline and synchronize contact and response history across various channels.
  • There was a requirement for effective communication across multiple channels such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and emails.
  • The client desired the ability to create and sync data directly from the data warehouse to the cloud without IT intervention.
  • Ensuring the protection and security of customer data was a critical concern for the client.
  • Seamless integration with existing systems was crucial for the smooth operation of Salesforce Marketing Cloud.
  • The client needed assistance in identifying the right customers for their campaigns.

Our Solution

Ksolves has given a comprehensive solution for the client that includes:

  • Utilizing Journey Builder, we designed customer journeys spanning social media, online, email, SMS, and push alerts, enabling a cohesive and integrated approach to marketing campaigns.
  • With Salesforce Marketing Cloud Integrated solutions like Email Studio and Social Studio allowed us to design personalized email marketing and social media campaigns, converting followers into leads.
  • Mobile Studio facilitated actions through SMS, push notifications, and group messaging systems, ensuring a comprehensive and diverse multi-channel communication strategy.
  • With Analytics Builder, we provided real-time reports and statistics for each Salesforce Marketing Cloud integrated action, enabling the client to track website visits, email campaign reach, social media performance, and more.
  • Overcoming the challenges of system integration, we partnered with Salesforce integration experts to ensure a smooth and seamless integration process with the client's existing systems.
  • Salesforce Marketing Cloud's robust security models were employed to handle sensitive customer data, ensuring its protection and addressing the client's data security in Marketing Cloud.

Data Flow Diagram



As a result, Salesforce Marketing Cloud Integration is proven to be a better solution for transformation as it empowers our client to revolutionize their marketing strategies. With toolsets including Journey Builder, Email Studio, Social Studio, and robust analytics, enabled the client to execute more effective and efficient campaigns. As we continue to explore the capabilities of Salesforce Marketing Cloud, the potential for innovation and personalized marketing strategies remains limitless, promising continued success for our client in the dynamic landscape of social media networking service solutions.

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