Project Name

Seamless Implementation of Insurance Industry in Odoo

Odoo, XML, CSS, Python and JS


Client runs an insurance company and provides all types of insurance to their clients. The client wanted a complete ERP Solution for their business. They were looking for easy work flow and data management as per different insurance types so that it is easy to be used by their employees along with data security. We provided a complete end to end solution to them with Odoo Out of the box features.



Our client dealt with different types of insurance, like medical, car, etc., and used various types of forms or formats in their system. They wanted each type of insurance to have its own private fields, which would be visible only when someone was filling out a relevant form. For example, if someone is filling out a car insurance form, they should not be able to see fields related to other types of insurance. This feature wasn't available in Odoo, so our team created a solution to make it work.


Our Solution

  • Our Odoo team has provided a solution that allows users to open distinct form views by clicking the record on the tree view based on the different insurance types.
  • We have developed a domain configuration in Odoo that enables users to define a domain. Once the defined domain meets certain criteria, a corresponding form view will be automatically opened.
  • We have overridden the JavaScript action where we have added the different form view IDs based on the context of the satisfied domain before executing the action.
  • If none of the specified domains meet the criteria, then the default form view of Odoo will be displayed.

Data Flow Diagram



We have successfully implemented a complete Insurance workflow using Odoo Out of the box features and provided a solution for different form views to get open based on the domains that resolved the challenges faced by our client. Users can now specify the form view to be displayed for a specific type of record directly from the tree view. This functionality greatly aids industries like insurance, which handle records across various sectors and manage their data efficiently.

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