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Social Impact Giving Platform With Salesforce NPSP Implementation Solutions

Salesforce NPSP, Experience Site with LWR, ReactJs, LAC


A US-based media and tech company has pioneered an unconventional social giving platform. Their innovative “Giving Toolbox”, built on Salesforce using NPSP, empowers individuals to effortlessly contribute to causes they care about during everyday activities. Whether jogging, shopping, or simply browsing online, this platform seamlessly converts moments into meaningful donations, making it easier for people to be active agents of positive change in the world.



The client faced several challenges during the upgrade process:

Frame 81
  • Integrating with diverse payment platforms was quite challenging and requires much security measures to ensure smooth and secure transactions.
  • Another challenge was to attract consumers from various domains to participate in the social giving platform as it involves custom messages.
  • Developing frames and structures that can efficiently handle dynamic data can be quite challenging.

Our Solution

In this Salesforce Case Study, Ksolves has provided a comprehensive solution to our client that we have mentioned below:

  • Development of APIs to be consumed by other web applications.
  • Salesforce NPSP Implementation solutions with external data systems using SOAP/RESTful web services e.g. GeoCode, SendGrid, Stripe Payment Gateway, etc.
  • GeoCode API Integration for searching users.
  • Google Analytics Implementation.
  • Implementation of PCI security standards for credit card payments.
  • Formation of Iframes with Dynamic data which can be utilised in other websites.
  • NPSP Salesforce solutions empower us to deliver tailored approaches that drive impact for these nonprofit organizations.

Data Flow Diagram



Hence in this Salesforce NPSP Implementation Case Study, we have successfully developed API for better integration, integrated data systems for enhanced functionality, ensured security with PCI standards for payments, and created dynamic data Iframes for broader utilization of the website. Our solution instantly improves the social platform reach, usability, and security, and works on better engagement with users.

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