Project Name

Sports Apparel Marketing Management With Salesforce CDP

Salesforce CDP, Marketing Cloud, AWS S3


Our client is a sports apparel and manufacturing business company. They want to target fitness and sports enthusiasts to promote their products. They were just sending cold emails to the customers who had purchased from their website before. Their teams are working on ERP software to manage inventory, marketing cloud for campaigns, and AWS S3, with which they will be able to learn about upcoming past events.

sports-apparel-overview (1)


  • They are facing issues in finding new customers to sell their products.
  • In fact, they need a way to target probable candidates who are interested in participating in the upcoming events to sell their products.

Our Solution

We have helped them in the simplest way as mentioned:

  • We have implemented Salesforce CDP that helps to create unified profiles of all the participants who participated in the earliest events.
  • Ksolves has helped them to understand which product to advertise to the right participants.
  • With the segmented data obtained from CDP, clients can get assistance with offers for upcoming events.

Data Flow Diagram



In conclusion, our solution not only helped the client overcome their challenges in finding new customers but also enabled them to optimize their marketing efforts by leveraging Salesforce CDP. This data-driven approach empowered them to connect with potential customers more effectively, enhance their marketing strategies, and ultimately drive sales in the competitive sports apparel industry.

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