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Successfully Leveraged Jmeter Tool For Performance Testing

Performance testing, Jmeter, Cloud Watch, Kibana, Jenkins, Grafana, Prometheus


Our client belongs to the Telecommunication industry who were looking for a solution to enhance the performance of their web-based applications. Their main aim is to test the application with a load of more than 1000 simultaneous users.



Frame 77
  • Since there was no approach for the performance testing because of that reason client were facing issues in downtime and also facing loss in their business.
  • The issue in identifying and validating the risks in the application.
  • Facing issues in completing their requirements in establishing and validating the load performance benchmarks for the application.

Our Solution

We have provided a comprehensive solution to our client that includes:

  • We assisted our client with a way to categorize high-impact scenarios in comparison to less business-critical transactions.
  • By developing and executing a benchmark for an individual user, it becomes possible for them to establish a baseline performance-centric.
  • By leveraging the Jmeter tool, the benchmark script was created and utilized for testing with 1000 users.
  • After leveraging the Jmeter tool, our team did a thorough comparative analysis between the single-user test and the 1000-user test scenarios.
  • We had set the Cloud-based framework with Jenkins pipeline for code deployment to check the loading time and to verify the performance of the application
  • After that, the On-Prem framework was also been set up as an alternative to the Jenkins pipeline for code deployment and also to verify the performance of the application, where the client wanted to go with an economical solution
  • Finally, a Consolidated report on a server was created and provided as well as tracked sprint-wise details on resource utilization for Processor, Database, Memory, Network, and page-level testing.


In conclusion, we can say that we had successfully implemented crafted performance testing by leveraging the use of technologies such as Jmeter, Cloud Watch, Grafana, Prometheus, Jenkins, and Kibana. With this, we successfully tackled the issues that all are related to downtime and the loss of business. By conducting the analysis, we segregated the scenarios and executed the scripts by optimizing the application’s performance. Hence, with our robust solution, it becomes possible for our client to make their application robust, efficient, and competitive in the landscape of the Telecommunication industry.

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