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Project Name

Transforming Customer Satisfaction and Collaboration

LWC, Apex Triggers, Apex, Flow


Our client is dedicated to boosting customer satisfaction by facilitating collaboration with providers, partners, and distributors. They are focused on empowering service engineers with improved mobility, optimizing service delivery, and elevating the overall customer experience. The client aims to foster seamless connections among service providers, partners, and distributors for efficient operations.



Frame 81
  • The client seeks to create a solution that enhances customer satisfaction while also fostering collaboration with various providers, partners, and distributors within the organization.
  • The client's priority is to facilitate enhanced mobility for service engineers, enabling them to provide services and establish connections with diverse partners and distributors.
  • Clients were facing significant challenges in finance industry solutions such as decentralized data solutions, complicated management, Inventory management alignment, and poor reporting.

Our Solution

Ksolves proposed to implement an integrated Salesforce for a centralized system to handle complex Salesforce account management to ease doing business and align each unit with each other along with field engineers and partners.

  • We have established robust business engagement with the client, guaranteeing the solution's effective alleviation of crucial organizational pain points while harnessing the full spectrum of capabilities inherent in Salesforce.
  • Maximized the use of declarative programming for concise code and enhanced user-friendliness. Implemented and tailored real-time Salesforce account management reports and dynamic dashboards for region-specific sales insights.
  • Salesforce Lightning Web Components were used where possible to enhance the user interface.
  • Set up data-sharing rules to prove cross-data access.
  • Implemented Salesforce and fully configured Service Max to enable field engineers to track and automate service and part invoice approvals from customers.

Data Flow Diagram



Successfully, our Salesforce Lightning Web Components solution has driven significant progress in processing efficiency and customer engagement. Through refined business rules and UI enhancements, we’ve reshaped the business landscape. We’ve retired outdated products, streamlined services, and minimized costs. The inclusion of self-service features and digital invoice approval broadened audience engagement. Moreover, a comprehensive customer view amplified staff efficiency. The crowning achievement is our captivating customer interface platform, fostering heightened usage and delivering an unmatched customer experience.

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