Project Name

Transforming Journey: A Salesforce LXP Integration Solution

Information Technology
Salesforce LWC, Aura, React UI Library


Our client approached us with a critical objective to enhance their employee training and learning processes through the integration of a custom learning platform within their Salesforce environment. They sought a Salesforce learning widget that would enable their employees to access and engage in learning and training activities seamlessly, with a particular focus on multimedia support and structured learning paths.



Challenges Faced by Our Client:

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  • Difficulty in integrating web APIs for data consumption within the Salesforce widget.
  • Replicating their React website within the widget while maintaining the user experience.
  • Suboptimal search performance affecting resource accessibility.
  • Challenges in seamlessly integrating the client's React UI library into the widget.

Our Solution

To address the challenges of the Salesforce widget, we implemented a comprehensive solution as follows:

  • We have done Salesforce Web API Integration in the client’s React UI library by uploading it as a static resource and using it in the Salesforce widget designed using the LWC component.
  • We used cards to display courses, images, videos, and all the learning-related resources useful for employees in their training process.
  • We also managed the client’s administrative settings by storing them in custom settings by Web API Integration within Salesforce.

Data Flow Diagram



In conclusion, the implementation of the Salesforce widget in this Salesforce case study has not only granted employees access to learning resources within Salesforce but has also empowered our clients to monitor their employees’ learning progress effectively. This initiative has significantly enhanced the availability and accessibility of learning resources for all employees.

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