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Project Name

Transforming the ERP Process For the HVAC and Service Industry

HVAC, Service
Odoo, XML, Python, JS


Our client has an HVAC Service and Maintenance company. They were in search of an ERP system to simplify their daily tasks. The client was a service-type company whose basic day-to-day operations are involved in ERP which manages all the appointments of technicians and tracks their working time on each site visit. They wanted to manage and save the record of all the installed systems in a particular location with the make, and model of equipment used.



They were facing multiple challenges that are:

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  • The primary challenge was enhancing Odoo's basic task management into a more organized and user-friendly process. We aimed to make it easier for technicians by implementing custom views and buttons while retaining the core project-task structure.
  • Managing equipment information and tracking parts with their make-model specifications posed intricate challenges, as each piece of equipment and part had its unique characteristics.
  • Integrating location and physical address identification into Odoo's core functions, including sales, purchases, tickets, and tasks, required tailored solutions to ensure seamless operation.
  • For CCR, Technician activities like reaching the job location, starting the drive, and starting the job.

Our Solution

We have provided a comprehensive solution that includes:

  • We created a location-based contact management system, complete with easy-to-use location maps, making it simpler for our client to connect with their customers.
  • Our system streamlined the entire process from customer help desk requests to technician availability, resulting in efficiently scheduled appointments. Each technician had a daily preview, ensuring they were well-prepared for their tasks.
  • Our solution empowered technicians to record all aspects of their work, from the moment they arrived at a location to conducting tests, providing estimates, managing truck inventory, and processing payments, enhancing efficiency and customer service.
  • We introduced instant vendor request creation based on the truck's inventory, simplifying procurement and supply chain management.
  • The ERP integration of Stripe terminal devices facilitated seamless payment processing, improving the overall customer experience.
  • A membership management system enabled prioritized appointment scheduling, ensuring that loyal customers received the service they needed when they needed it.
  • We ensured the system stored the last status of the HVAC systems and shared comprehensive reports with customers upon job completion, promoting transparency and trust.
  • Our ERP system allowed our client to effortlessly manage both office-based and field employees from a single platform, enhancing their operational efficiency and control.

Data Flow Diagram


Our ERP system made a real difference for our clients. They saved money by consolidating subscriptions and could adapt to different regions. Inventory management became smoother, and customers found it easier to service appointments. They gained insights into their business and made payments more convenient. This not only addressed technical issues but also added a personal touch, boosting efficiency and customer satisfaction.

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