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Unlocking Efficiency: Odoo's Integrated Solution for the Service Industry

Odoo, Python, CSS, XML, Rest API, JS


Our client was working in the Service industry. They require a solution for handling perpetual sales with periodic maintenance. They need a single platform to run the business operations and to manage the resources for a smooth process.



The challenges faced by our client in this industry were multifaceted, with specific hurdles categorized by modules:

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  • Difficulty in product management, tracking customer-procured products, verifying product authenticity for warranty checks, and handling Gantt views.
  • Tracking perpetual sales, managing free trials, addressing payment token failures, and handling the delivery of parent deliveries for free trials.
  • Integrating sign documents with sales orders, establishing a sequence for internal employees and customers to sign agreements.
  • Challenges in tracking older sales order details during revisions, manual handling of delivery and internal transfer processes, and managing advance payments with refunds and transfer options.
  • Ensuring the customer support team has easy access to the latest customer transactions in terms of sales, transfers, invoices, helpdesk tickets, activities, and emails sent.

Our Solution

Ksolves provided a comprehensive solution tailored to each module's specific challenges:

  • Introduced field service templates for automatic product addition, smart widgets, and a convenient list view for tracking customer procurements with lot tracking.
  • Integrated multiple subscription templates with differentiated options for paid and free trials.
  • Seamlessly integrated signing documents with sales quotations in a sequential process.
  • Customized the sales order revision process to accommodate both old and new sales orders. Implemented advance payment handling and reconciliation.
  • Recorded all activities and recent customer transactions in a single form with a list view feature.

Data Flow Diagram



On implementing this integrated solution, it helped the customer to overcome all the manual methods of handling their Sales & Field service process. Also, helped them to streamline all their processes to integrate into a single software. Better visibility helped them to increase sales and increased customer support as well. Now, they efficiently handle customer data, product warranties, subscriptions, and maintenance within a single application (Odoo). Moreover, our Advanced Dashboard Ninja module empowers management with insightful analytical reports, making decisions swiftly, and reviews.

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