Odoo vs QuickBooks

A Comprehensive Comparison of Odoo and QuickBooks: Exploring Business Solutions

Odoo 5 MIN READ February 17, 2023
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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Odoo development easy?

The ease of Odoo development depends on factors such as developer experience, knowledge of the framework, and familiarity with Python. Odoo provides a robust framework with many features, but it may take time for a developer to learn it effectively. Those experienced in Python and web development may find it easier to learn Odoo.

Which Companies are using Odoo?

Following are the list of companies using Odoo:

– Тoyota (Toyota Material Handling)
– Delmonte Quality
– Sodexo (and Idealis Consulting)
– The World Wide Fund
– Kasetsart University
– Advanced Biological Laboratories
– Bazile Telecom
– Qatar Investment Authority