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Apache Spark Shuffle Service

Know Apache Spark Shuffle Service

Spark 5 MIN READ January 17, 2023

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do we need Spark Shuffle Services?

If the Spark external services are on, it will manage the shuffle data rather than the executors. It assists with the downscaling of the executors since the data will be saved after removing them.

What is Apache Spark Shuffle?

The shuffle is the process between the map task and the reduce task. The term shuffling refers to the given data shuffles.

What is the YARN shuffle service?

It is an external shuffle service on YARN by Spark. The node manager auxiliary of the YARN services implements the org. Apache. Hadoop.

What is the role of Shuffle in Hadoop?

The Hadoop Shuffle phase transfers the map output from the mapper to the reducer in MapReduce.

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