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Oct 14, 2020

When Should We Migrate from Odoo Old Version to Odoo 14?

Getting regular updates for any software is a dream for any user. When you update software, more functionalities are added without any extra cost. In smartphones and high-performance laptops, updates are necessary because of the bugs and errors users face during the current version. When a user sends an error report to the company for a bug, the company works on it. When a software company receives collective bug reports on multiple errors, it sends updates to rectify the previous faults.

You are working on your computer or device, and a message suddenly pops, saying, “a software update is available.” You are busy, so you click “cancel” instead of “install,” thinking you will get it later, but you never do. Sound familiar?

It happens because updates are optional. Whether you want an update or not, it is your choice. After introducing Windows 10, people are using windows 7 because it is simple, and their RAM easily supports the windows.

Odoo’s Updates are Optional

Switching to a higher version is entirely the user’s choice. If you are using Odoo 12 and feel it’s enough to run your business, then it is fine; you can stick to Odoo 12. If you feel like Odoo 13 has much more speed and features, making your business more robust, you can switch to the higher version.

Odoo 14 is considered to be around four times faster than Odoo 13. If Odoo 13 user is looking for speed, can switch to Odoo 14, which is having better speed. Switching to the higher versions is purely an end user’s choice. If you are ok with the current version and not migrate to higher performance, you must stay in the same. Else you can switch to the higher versions for better features and improvements.

Do we have the answer to when we should update from Odoo old version to Odoo 14?

Most users must be confused about 

why should they upgrade from Odoo’s previous versions to Odoo 14?

We have the answer to this also.

Features of Odoo 14

All the features that we will discuss come up with an option to upgrade according to the user’s convenience. If you do not like to upgrade even after looking at the features, it is entirely up to your business requirements because the Odoo v14 update is an optional update for the user. Let’s go ahead and discuss some of the essential features of Odoo v14.

Improved User Experience

When we compare Odoo with big ERP names like SAP, Oracle, and Dynamics, it turns out to be one of the most potential competitors. By adding more shortcut keys to control the system faster, improving the system speed, and adding more on-click features, Odoo 14 saves your time every day. The users appreciate more widgets in the list view. You can directly send messages to your colleagues from the list view within a single click.

Automated CRM

Automated CRM helps the user to focus on the clients, not on the data input. CRM is considered a powerful tool, and it gives your company a better insight. CRM helps the user to forecast sales or find information about the clients easily. In the absence of a good CRM, Salespeople always keep on filling the customer’s information randomly. It becomes difficult for other team members to follow up or fetch complete sales information. Odoo 14 CRM is automated, and the user can easily add and search the customer’s data with accuracy.

Outlook Plugins 

Odoo 14 - plugin for Outlook & Google Chrome + Gmail

Odoo users have been asking for this feature because they could not log the communication with their clients automatically in the CRM. In the Odoo v14, Odoo has introduced an Outlook plugin to automate the communication logging. This feature is helping the sales managers who want to track the communication of their subordinates.

To-Do list of the Activities 

New CRM features of Odoo 14 save time of salespeople

Odoo 24 aims to help salespeople focus on their primary job – selling, instead of tedious data input. With the new and improved features of the activities, salespeople can quickly check the to-do lists for each day, the next activity, and its priority with potential impact. With the improved follow-up section, the salespeople will send an email or SMS to the potential client directly from the CRM only.


To know more about the Odoo 14 CRM features, you can easily browse our blog, mentioning all the Odoo 14 CRM features. Before the Odoo 14 release, we discussed the Odoo 14 expected features to be accurate as per our prediction. As discussed above, going ahead with the Odoo 14 update or any other update is entirely the user’s choice. It is up to the user’s potential and strength, whether they require speed and updates or happy with the existing features.

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