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Oct 16, 2020

Conventional Penetration Testing for E-commerce Applications

If we talk about penetration testing, then it is one of the most used testing methods that prevent network systems from getting hacked. Coming to E-commerce applications, who don’t use these applications nowadays. We all do right? E-commerce Applications these days have a personalized approach and they are being used massively on mobile phones due to its easy and user-friendly functionalities. So, when these are being used at such a huge level, if not protected well, they can easily become prey for hackers. A conventional penetration testing may not be enough to secure these e-commerce applications. To protect such applications, we need an advanced and more focused structure of Web/Mobile Application Penetration Testing and Network penetration testing. Why? Let’s figure out.

Why conventional penetration testing is not enough to secure E-commerce applications?

E-commerce applications are becoming advanced day by day, with a more user-friendly customized set-up that allows users to buy products at a finger swipe. Buyers can easily customize their menu and get the products of their choice. But, buyers have to submit their personal details for the same. With advancements in these applications, new types of threats have occurred. You know that you will keep the data of your buyers safe, and the buyers also trust your application. But, the hackers have also got creative and braver. They figure out ways to exploit your weaknesses. They can steal the personal data from your buyers and leak it, due to which you can suffer a huge loss in terms of sales. Due to these threats, your company name may also get spoiled.

Now, a conventional penetration testing will not be able to provide you complete security against these new evolving threats. A conventional web application penetration testing mainly focuses on vulnerability described in WASC or OWASP standards like CSRF, SQL Injection, XSS, etc. We require a more high-tech framework for E-commerce applications. Advanced penetration testing services are required which are more accurate in exploiting new vulnerabilities and in providing data security to e-commerce applications. With this, you will also get to save your brand name and maintain customer loyalty. With a secure system, the application will work smoothly and will provide high performance.

In today’s sophisticated tech environment, Penetration Testing is always evolving with the latest attack trends and techniques. Old Penetration Testing is always automatically removed from practice with new attacks and trends in place.

E-commerce Application Susceptibilities

To protect e-commerce applications, experts need to test cases, so that they can figure out all the susceptibilities in different segments of the applications like Order Management, Payment Gateway Integration, Coupon & Reward Management, and Content management system integration. It needs to be done to figure out security misconfiguration or security loopholes. Each segment has its own set of scenarios that the updated version of pen testing should consider. Then only success will be achieved.


These days, web based applications are used all over the world. These applications are also modified to improve customer experience, wherein the customer gets all choices at one place by customizing. But, the customer also needs to provide personal data, and that can be at threat. So, a conventional penetration testing won’t be able to catch the latest threats that come in with current e-commerce applications. Therefore an upgraded version is needed. It is crucial to make sure that the new structure of web application penetration testing and mobile application penetration testing should have the features mentioned below.

  • They should be capable enough to find out wide-ranging Business Logic weaknesses.
  • Appropriately figure out the flaws regarding 3RD party components (CVEs).
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