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Salesforce Platinum Partner

Salesforce Summit (Platinum) Partner: Driving Business Changes and Achieving Excellence

Salesforce 5 MIN READ March 2, 2024
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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Hire a Salesforce Consulting Partner

Hiring a Salesforce consulting partner provides access to Salesforce-certified professionals’ expertise and experience and useful resources to use Salesforce to its fullest.

How do you know if you need a Salesforce consulting partner?

If you have limited Salesforce knowledge and experience and already use Salesforce, want to enhance its implementation, or want to implement it from scratch, you will need a Salesforce consulting partner.

How Do You Become a Salesforce Platinum Partner?

To become a Salesforce Platinum Partner, you need at least 2 Salesforce certifications to demonstrate your skills and expertise. Plus, you need to collect the required points under the Partner Value Score, which is calculated based on your sales performance and customer satisfaction ratings.

What makes a Salesforce consulting partner stand out from others in the industry?

Salesforce consulting partner that has deep expertise and extensive experience, offers customized solutions, and has a proven record of successfully delivering Salesforce implementations stands out from others.

Can a Salesforce consulting partner help with ongoing Salesforce support and maintenance?

Yes, a Salesforce consulting partner can help you with ongoing Salesforce support and maintenance.