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Salesforce Customizations- A Shortcut To Your Business Goals

Salesforce Customizations: A Shortcut To Your Business Goals

Salesforce 5 MIN READ September 6, 2021
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Frequently Asked Questions

What types of customizations can be done in Salesforce?

In Salesforce, a wide range of customizations can be done to tailor the platform to specific business needs. Some common types of customizations include creating custom objects and fields, designing custom page layouts, implementing custom user interfaces with Visualforce or Lightning components, and integrating with external systems through APIs.

Can Salesforce customizations be integrated with existing systems?

Yes, Salesforce customizations can be integrated with existing systems. Salesforce provides various integration capabilities to connect with external systems and exchange data. These integrations can be achieved through web services, APIs (such as REST or SOAP), middleware platforms, or by utilizing pre-built connectors.