The client is in a major Logistics Business, leading small to large transport fleet and service teams with multiple addresses to visit and many work orders to fulfill on an everyday-basis.



  • An application that could ltrack and log the routes of all the drivers.
  • A web-based system with the flexibility to monitor truck drivers’ log of routes, addresses, payment information, etc.
  • An application to run on mobile platforms for higher accessibility.
Solution- Technologies Used

Ruby: 2.6.3, Rails 5.2
Database: PostgreSQL

We were able to provide the following solutions to the client as per his requirements in the application:

The client needed an application to track the complete work hours of the truck drivers.

Fatigue Management:

Ability to track proper working hours of the drivers so that they don’t feel fatigued.

Renewal Alerts:

Proper notifications and reminders for renewal of vehicle documents like insurance, license, etc.

GPS Tracking:

Helps to track the proper route of the drivers and update them about the new and better route.

Health Monitoring:

Real time monitoring & usage of data to optimize fuel consumption, track vehicle breakdowns, log driver breaks etc.


We delivered a secure and robust application that provided a well-managed system that can store huge records in place. The custom-build business application ensures an easy-to-use route planning interface with fast-paced scaling capacity, and also providing a better and faster user experience.