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Why Salesforce+ Is The Secret Ingredient To Your Success
Salesforce October 29, 2021

Salesforce has taken another huge step forward by entering the streaming services market, after dominating the worldwide industry sector with […]

Batch Processing Vs Stream Processing
Apache Kafka October 29, 2021

Big data is complex to understand. The complexity increases many times when it comes to choosing the right way to […]

Kafka Connect
Apache Kafka October 28, 2021

Nothing would go wrong in an ideal world, but when it does, we want our pipelines to manage it gracefully. […]

Fog Computing Pushes IoT Intelligence
Big Data October 28, 2021

As the internet of things evolves, high speed data processing and shorter response time are becoming necessary. Fulfilling these requirements […]

Salesforce Integration Puzzle Finally Solved!
Salesforce October 27, 2021

Salesforce has been the most popular platform for most organizations to employ to improve their client interactions. Using the Salesforce […]

Apache Spark Use Cases for DataOps in 2021
Spark October 27, 2021

Apache Spark is one of the best and the most powerful data processing solutions. Its use cases are limitless and […]

Apache Kafka services
Apache Kafka October 26, 2021

Apache Kafka is the cutting-edge technology that is being used by both public and private sectors. In our earlier blogs, […]

5 Standout New Features Of Salesforce Winter ‘22 Release
Salesforce October 26, 2021

Salesforce has once again released new features that have sparked interest among users. All of the solutions and features in […]

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