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Applying Spark Streaming In Telco Industries
Spark October 25, 2021

Spark streaming is the hottest topic today. Apache Spark, a very popular and useful big data tool is creating quite […]

The Right Way To Achieve Salesforce Automation for FMCG Brands
Salesforce October 22, 2021

As time moves forward, startups, SMEs, MSMEs, proprietorships, and many more have started to form an upward curve in terms […]

Data Lake
Apache Kafka October 22, 2021

Machine Learning and tiered storage together enables you to build one scalable and reliable simple infrastructure for all machine learning […]

Apache Kafka Topic
Apache Kafka October 21, 2021

If you have started using Kafka recently, you must be trying to find out ways to handle data streaming through […]

DevOps Development
DevOps October 21, 2021

DevOps culture is spreading like a wildfire, and so does its impact on the other areas of any organization. DevOps […]

Microservices Development Specialists
Microservices October 20, 2021

Today’s businesses are undergoing digital transformations as a result of the use of various technologies. Microservices, an architectural pattern, have […]

Business with Apache Spark Services
Spark October 20, 2021

‘Data’ is a powerful word that has completely changed the dynamics for organizations. Today, a large amount of data is […]

Employee Management Not An Issue Anymore!
Salesforce October 19, 2021

Is the ‘Work From Home’ schedule hampering the efficiency of your employees? Well, you are not alone as all the […]

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