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September 13, 2021


In today’s world, the amount of data being generated far exceeds a human’s ability to make, understand, and produce difficult decisions based on that data. But how can your business turn the plethora of data into valuable insights to meet those expectations? How can your company achieve success with so much data? All of this can be possible with Einstein AI in Salesforce Lightning.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology is affecting almost every facet of our lives. Moreover, Salesforce Einstein is likewise the smart assistant built within the Salesforce platform that brings robust AI technology to everyone at their workstations.

Furthermore, for administrators and developers, the Einstein in Salesforce Lightning provides a rich set of services to build smart apps and optimize AI for their businesses.

Let’s take a closer look at how Salesforce Einstein AI technology can turn your customer data into valuable business insights.

What is Salesforce Einstein for Marketing, Sales, and Service?

Salesforce Einstein artificial intelligence tool is a set of advanced AI capabilities that help users get a more comprehensive and up-to-date view of customers and sales prospects.

The main goal of AI for Salesforce CRM is to provide a more personalized customer experience. With the help of better insights and predictable results, it automates routine tasks for the next better actions.

For Sales,

Salesforce Einstein AI helps you increase your own deals and differentiate them from lost deals by predicting results. It helps in predicting whether customers are less likely to buy a product or not.

In Salesforce, one can develop custom AI models at their convenience with just a few clicks instead of using complicated code.

Note: Einstein Predictive Intelligence helps business owners to predict the custom future sale of the business. The right predictions help managers and CEOs to plan strategies in advance. You may use Einstein Prediction Builder to produce personalized predictions about what will happen next in your business.

For Service,

Salesforce Einstein AI helps you understand how customers feel about your service or product. Thus, creating a great customer experience and greater customer retention. You can use Natural Language Processing (NLP) to derive linguistic patterns that are helpful in answering questions, responding to requests, and identifying brand-related conversations on the web.

Note: The Einstein Reporting Tool combines CRM, ERP, and other data sources into a single view. This gives the user quick access to answer critical questions easily and provides better customer service.
You can use the Einstein Reporting Tool to help your workforce answer typical queries that occur from the customer end.

For Marketing,

Einstein in Salesforce Lightning helps to understand the engagement and behavior of your customers to develop a more personalized campaign without guesswork.

Moreover, with Einstein AI, you can gain valuable insights to improve the content and timing of your marketing activities. When it comes to the most powerful AI technology for marketing, Salesforce Einstein is the most reliable AI for CRM.

Salesforce Artificial Intelligence

Machine Learning

Machine learning uses statistical models and big data to predict future outcomes with minimal programming.

  • Einstein Discovery

AI-powered analytics that provides predictions and recommendations through the discovery of relevant patterns in all your data. One can overcome difficult problems and act confidently on the findings without any hassle with Einstein’s Discovery.

  • Einstein Prediction Builder

Want to predict what will happen next in your business? With Einstein Predictive Intelligence technology, you can enhance your decision-making and give users the ability to develop robust predictive models in a codeless environment.

  • Einstein Next Button Action

With Einstein’s Next Best Action, you can offer the right recommendations to the right customers at the right time based on your automated predictive analysis. Anytime, you can customize the display offers and functions to meet your business demands.

Natural Language Processing

In Salesforce, you can harness the power of Natural Language Processing (NLP) with the help of innovative and advanced methods to engage with your customers in a more intelligent way.

  • Einstein Language

In order to better understand your audience, Einstein’s language is an ideal solution for classifying text intent or analyzing text-based on customer feedback or interactions, regardless of the language used.

  • Einstein Bots

Virtual assistance is the best practice for engaging customers round the clock to enhance the customer experience and the same Salesforce artificial intelligence model Einstein bots do. Einstein Chatbot primarily enables the management of customer requests with quick responses and boosts customer satisfaction.
If you need more information about Einstein in Salesforce Lightning, consult with Ksolves experts.

Computer Vision

In addition to the above two, computer vision is also the basis of Einstein’s characteristics and involves visual pattern recognition and data processing for various purposes.

  • Einstein Vision

Now, you can easily track your brand on social media and beyond with the help of intelligent image recognition (Einstein Vision) through your app. You can also create pre-trained classifiers or your own custom classifiers to solve different use cases.

Data Backup and Recovery in Salesforce

Many times it happens that due to system failure, we are unable to recover our valuable data. However, if you use Salesforce CRM to manage your customer data, you can create a backup to recover the data for later use.

Data Backup and Recovery in Salesforce automatically makes backup copies of corporate data. It allows any company to recover data and restore from even the worst-case circumstances in only a few clicks.

Now, do not worry about losing your important business data, as your data is secured with Salesforce.

Salesforce Einstein Deployments



Let’s understand how Einstein technology works well with different Salesforce clouds.

  • Sales Cloud+Einstein

Sales Cloud Einstein examines your CRM data to determine the difference between deals earned and deals missed. It then focuses on the top leads and suggests necessary actions required to close them.

  • Service Cloud+Einstein

With Service Cloud Einstein, the contact centers can automatically uncover customer insight driven by AI & ML (machine learning) in real-time. It helps a business to enhance its customer service experience effectively.

With the Einstein technology deployed with Salesforce Service Cloud, you can predict what your customer is expecting out of your service. Your workforce can provide better customer services at the right time with AI for CRM.

  • Marketing Cloud+Einstein

When you use Einstein technology in collaboration with Salesforce Marketing Cloud to conduct email campaigns, it creates customer journeys that can be evaluated at all stages. Einstein provides assistance at all levels of email marketing. It may guarantee that you are communicating consistently across all the communication channels that you use for marketing purposes.

In A Nutshell

Salesforce’s artificial intelligence software Einstein can undoubtedly boost the performance of any company and gives you complete flexibility to customize AI-powered apps and functions to your business needs.

Whether you are a non-tech business or a hardcore programmer, you can start customizing your cloud apps today. Getting started is easy but if you face any difficulty in utilizing Einstein in Salesforce Lightning and techniques in your business, do not hesitate to contact Ksolves directly to overcome all your hurdles. We will listen to all of your points and design a powerful strategy for you to unlock Salesforce Einstein’s AI tool potential.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does Einstein do in Salesforce?

Salesforce Einstein is a suite of Artificial Intelligence capabilities that enable customers to derive better insights from data. It is used to provide tailored customer experiences, get strategic suggestions for the best next steps, and automate regular processes.

2. What is Salesforce Einstein called now?

Salesforce Einstein has got a new name now. It is now known as ‘Tableau CRM’. Tableau is a customer and business analytics platform that is mobile-friendly and flexible to grow as your business data grows.

3. What is Einstein reporting in Salesforce?

Einstein Reporting Tool in Salesforce gives a single view of combined CRM, ERP, and other data sources. It allows users to quickly and easily answer crucial queries. It is described as ‘AI-powered advanced analytics’ that allows users to identify opportunities, forecast results, and receive suggestions quickly.

4. Does Salesforce provide data backup?

Yes, Salesforce provides data backup and recovery to create and restore important data with just a few clicks.

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