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January 31, 2022

salesforce industry cloud

Businesses in every industry must transition digitally with speed, flexibility, and scalability, keeping in mind changing times and customer expectations. Salesforce is there to help you do just that. Salesforce is the world’s most valuable cloud computing and customer relationship management (CRM) solution. Its adoption dramatically improves your team’s working life and business interactions. Salesforce Industries presently offers a suite of 12 industry clouds for offering best practices for specific industries and will assist businesses in navigating these turbulent times and emerging even stronger. These Salesforce industry clouds assist businesses in reducing time to value, accelerating digital transformation, and transforming their industry. Let’s take a look at the five most popular Salesforce industries that make the greatest use of the CRM platform.

5 Most Popular Salesforce Industries

Here is the five most popular Salesforce industries list:

  • Financial Services

Technological advancements have dramatically increased the value ecosystems provide. Ecosystems today are more modular and collaborative than they have ever been. This enables more cooperation and alliances to help financial institutions unlock a number of strategic options. Using the Salesforce platform with Salesforce professional services, businesses can transition from defense to offense with more personalized client engagement. This can help you acquire a better understanding of existing household opportunities and a thorough view of managed assets. Plus, you can turn your customer base into an active referral network by tracking referrals from Centers of Influence.

You can also get immediate access to all of your consumer information in one place. As a result, you’ll have more time to focus on customer interactions and less time on administrative tasks. It also offers a customized mobile app, allowing advisers to make the most of every hour spent in the office. You can impress clients at the perfect time with important alert reminders while you work on their financial objectives. Overall, Salesforce for Financial Services helps with debt relief, faster financial advice, and faster insurance claim processing.

  • Healthcare

Healthcare is the most sensitive industry as it affects us emotionally, physically, intellectually, and financially in almost every way. The new economy’s and technology’s influence on healthcare necessitates immediate attention in order to handle the difficulties they provide. Salesforce for health can assist you in overcoming these obstacles. On a single, HIPAA-compliant platform, you can link care teams with a 360-degree view of each patient. You can improve outcomes by modernising your call center, quickly connecting patients to treatment, and intervening on socioeconomic health factors.

There’s also a 30-day free trial of Salesforce Health Cloud for emergency response, which includes manual contact tracing, patient monitoring, and automatic follow-up to help your team respond quickly to any health emergency. Salesforce for health can increase profitability by changing virtual sales, provider partnerships, and patient interaction to generate value and outcomes. By merging sales, service, marketing, and operations with crucial data, anybody can achieve company greatness.

  • Retail Industry

The COVID-19 epidemic is affecting people all over the world, and it has caused many companies, particularly those selling non-essential things, to grind to a halt, resulting in a drop in income. In this circumstance, providing loyalty Salesforce solutions to consumers can assist businesses in closing purchases faster and getting through these difficult times as they try to recover from the pandemic’s interruption. Salesforce has created the concept of omni-channel, which refers to platform unification. It provides the opportunity to better manage inventories and, as a result, demand. Through this channel, businesses can track transactions and orders with retail merchandising systems. As a result, they have complete insight over inventory quantities at all times. Click-and-collect, in-store sales, delivery from other locations, refunds via any channel, and split orders are all supported through this channel.

Omni-channel retail software systems also improve shopper insights, allowing for more accurate forecasting. Merchandisers can choose the correct item and selection approach for customers depending on their location, increasing sales and profit margins. Marketers can use the same technologies to deliver the appropriate offers to the right individuals at the right time, via the most efficient channel.

  • Public Sector 

Many countries are emphasising the need of building resilience to catastrophic shocks. To tackle the challenges, several state governments are relying on Salesforce industries cloud and that promised novel risk management assets. You may provide your employees the skills they need to produce results that meet or surpass crucial success criteria. This can be accomplished by utilizing Salesforce public sector solutions. Also, utilizing E-government tools for citizen self-service can improve the constituent experience. Furthermore, bundled apps that include licensing, permitting, inspections, grants, and emergency resource requests allow you to serve residents more quickly.

By combining mission-ready technology with new cloud products designed for the public sector, every demand of the Salesforce industries can be met while maintaining complete regulatory compliance and robust security. Salesforce industries cloud improves the performance of businesses in any industry without compromising their purpose, from regulatory monitoring to social services to emergency response. By adopting a digital-first strategy, this Salesforce industrial cloud will help you speed up each stage of the registration, license, and inspection process. It can help constituents through the application process for their business, occupational, or personal needs. Also, it will help you streamline site visits to keep business and resident initiatives moving ahead.

  • Non-Profit Organisation 

Salesforce CRM isn’t just for businesses of all sizes; its unique solutions are now available and being used by non-profits as well. You can see every contact with customers, supporters, members, donors, volunteers, and affiliates in a single, unified picture. Salesforce is also able to provide NGOs a significant discount on all Salesforce products through the “Power of Us” initiative. Furthermore, Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud’s Fundraising Solutions keep track of contributions and interact with constituents all in one place. This provides a consistent experience for your staff and supporters.

Salesforce also provides a marketing cloud for nonprofits. It is a marketing tool that was created with the goal of assisting firms in quickly evolving their communication strategy. It’s fully integrated with the Nonprofit Cloud’s data, allowing you to reach out to known donors with attractive, tailored email campaigns. Non-profit organizations have a significant opportunity to improve their connections by boosting engagement through a highly tailored experience. In addition, many of their customers begin their Nonprofit Cloud journey with the Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP). The NPSP data model is a mature, industry-standard data model that includes objects and complete functionality. This will allow you to keep track of all of your financial flows, incoming grants, and programs in one place.


Every organization has unique requirements, which Salesforce knows better than anybody else. In practically every business, this horizontal CRM platform is making advances. The above most popular Salesforce industries list is just a small number, there are many more industries where Salesforce is making its mark. If you’re looking to implement Salesforce industries cloud for your company, go no further than Ksolves, a trusted Salesforce-certified consultant. Our Salesforce professional services team will work with you to develop the best integration strategy, method, and plan possible, taking into account your budget and current infrastructure.

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